FrontPage vs. WordPress| Which is Best to Build a Website?

Please be aware that Microsoft Frontpage has officially been discontinued by Microsoft, and they have abandoned ALL support for the product.  This move was due to numerous bugs involving the program and its extensions that Microsoft could never fix.  This may be a little hint of who we’re going to recommend in Frontpage vs. WordPress.

Microsoft FrontPage Software May Have Arrived Installed On Your Computer.

Just because it came installed on your computer doesn’t mean it’s a good choice to use to build a website.  For all it’s quirks, Front Page was a relatively easy way of developing web pages…a couple of hundred years ago.

It is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editor and web site administration tool from Microsoft for the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems. It was branded as part of the Microsoft Office suite from 1997 to 2003. Microsoft FrontPage has since been replaced by Microsoft Expression Web and Sharepoint Designer, which were first released in December 2006.

Building websites manually with a program like this was common but has since been replaced by Content Management Systems (CMS) that enable a company to edit content on your website through a web browser or mobile device.

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FrontPage is a program that needs to be installed on your computer. If a business owner hires an assistant or helper for website updates, that person will need to have FrontPage to make sure everything is compatible.

WordPress is open source software that sits on your web hosting server and it gives you a web browser interface to edit your content.  This is similar to how Microsoft Word gives you the ability to edit content or your email program allows you to send a message out to the internet.  Instead of hitting “save” or “send”, you “publish” and the new content appears on your website.
WP is very popular because it is way more powerful than many other WYSIWYG editors and has an extensive support structure for hundreds of plugins.

The dashboard is the backend system for adding and editing content.  Multiple levels of users can be set, so Admin access does not have to be given to people that are just doing data entry.

WordPress is a free, open source blogging platform that can also be used to create websites. It is very easy to install and new versions are being released all the time. These “upgrades” are also free.

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There is a large community of WordPress users, and if you ever need assistance you can find help through one of their many forums. Many WordPress have also created widgets that can be used to make WordPress work exactly how the owner wants it to work.

For instance, there is a widget that creates a message that can be displayed at the beginning and end of each post which thanks the reader for visiting and invites them to sign up for the site’s RSS feed.

Conclusion in FrontPage vs. WordPress

It’s a unanimous decision.  Use WordPress.

More and more people are switching over to WordPress. Even if you decide that WordPress isn’t for you, it may be worth your while to get at least a little comfortable with it, since so many other people are using it.

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